Anisa Grantham

Anisa Grantham is a Georgia licensed psychotherapist. Anisa is a Georgia Certified Addiction Counselor and holds a National Certification in Addictions. She has worked in the field of substance abuse and emotional wellness since 1990. Anisa earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1994 from GA Southern University and went on to complete a Master of Education Degree with an emphasis in Community Counseling.

Anisa specializes in substance abuse and food addiction as a result of her own personal experiences. She is a weight loss surgery (WLS) patient and is committed to providing quality education/counseling services to the community. She is credentialed as a Bariatric Support Group Leader, a Success Habits Trainer, a Back On Track Trainer, and a Bariatric Life Coach.

2013 BCSI Award to Anisa Grantham
BCSI Awards
Anisa has been awarded the BSCI 2010, 2011 and recently announced 2012 Licensee of Year Award and 2013 Licensee of Year Award.

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